Basingstoke People

I chose to seek special people in Basingstoke, and a couple of them I know, and so that meant I had a vision of the painting beforehand. In reality, it was very different and harder to manoeuver than I could have ever imagined, and, what’s more, I had a couple of images of different people on the go at the same time. Although it was very hard, I was in the end very pleased with the new way it made me work.
This is Rosemary. She is a wonderful person, so I just hope I have done her justice.

Basingstoke Gazette Article

Photograph from Basingstoke Gazette article. “South East Water’s Douglas Whitfield with artists Amanda Bates, Rosemary Lawrey and Brian Marchant”

Two weeks ago, I sketched at Basingstoke Waterworks. Those sketches became the basis of a painting, which can be seen in the photograph and (of course) at the exhibition itself!
The article is currently live on the Gazette Web site and is due to be published in the paper.

Farleigh Wallop!

watermarked-FWph1-3000I love hills. I love panoramas. I love trees.

This is Basingstoke, laid out at your feet from the hills beyond the M3. This is my interpretation of the view from Farleigh Wallop, painted large – 4 feet long – and loose in acrylics. This is not a very good photograph (the light’s been a bit dull of late). I’m sure the painting will look far better on the wall at Proteus Creation Space…

The Basingstoke Project at the Proteus Creation Space

We may still be painting it, but the Basingstoke Project is starting to take shape. We had a meeting with the manager of the gallery space at Proteus today, and we are very much looking forward to exhibiting our work there.
We’re also hoping to be around when you visit. We don’t have to be there, because the venue handles sales and has a very nice cafe and are generally not expecting us to be there, but we kind of want to be there. You might see one of us sketching the view through the big arched window or maybe studiously reading or possibly taking a snooze on the sofa (hopefully not), or perhaps we will be deep in conversation with someone. Or perhaps it will be a time when we all have to be somewhere else.
But we won’t be pushy. We’ll let you just look if that’s what you want to do. We’ll tell you where the café is, or the toilets, if you ask.
But first, you will have to get there.  And at the right sort of time, too…
We’ve already done all the getting lost amongst the roundabouts and the one way system for you, so click here for the Artikinesis Guide to finding Proteus Creation Space.
The opening hours are here

Garage Gallery

When you take your car to the garage, you don’t often find a wall of art in the workshop. But if you were to visit SB Autos at Folly Farm on the A339 near Basingstoke, that is exactly what you will find.
In keeping with the Artikinesian principle of connecting with places where art is a stranger, Adeliza arranged this space with Simon and four of us placed work in the garage gallery…

Wall of art
Left to right: pieces by Rosemary (“Apple Pie Tree”), Amanda (“Linear”), Adeliza (“Silchester Common”) and Elinor (“Stairway”).