artikinesis (3)
Project graphic, designed by Elinor. Incorporating early work on the project by all five members of the group.
  • Exhibition: November 2015, Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke
  • all-new work

This was our first collaborative project, and our first exhibition together as a group.

We decided to focus on the nearby town of Basingstoke because it is a natural focus point, and because we didn’t think that Basingstoke had come under artistic scrutiny very often in the past.

We set out to create “an active, reactive, artistic response to the people, places, buildings and character of Basingstoke; a project to inspire and surprise.”

In the course of the project, we learned to look again at the town. We were inspired. We were surprised. We found hidden gems; we found delight in the familiar; we found our own visions of Basingstoke.

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