An almost-finished-installation view. From left, Urban life lines and Incredible Edible, both Rosemary Lawrey; St. Michael’s Church, Brian R. Marchant; Ghost, Amanda Bates; By Loddon’s burning autumn banks, Rosemary Lawrey; De Port’s kitchens, Amanda Bates; Holy Trinity I, II and III, Brian R. Marchant; Night out in the rain, Brian R. Marchant; and Basingstoke in sight, Rosemary Lawrey.

I’m hoping that there will be better pictures available, but for now, you’ll have to rely on my hastily shot not-quite-finished-installation view, taken this morning when we were finalising the exhibition for the Private View in the afternoon.
The Private View went very well, I think. I have only the vaguest idea of numbers, but there was a steady stream of visitors, lead by the Deputy Mayor of Basingstoke, in her official capacity – who actually did arrive before anybody else. She expressed a personal appreciation for art in general before entering the gallery and she certainly seemed to enjoy viewing our work. We also played host to a smattering (or should that be a splattering?) of fellow-artists, a couple of representatives from the churches we had depicted, the proprietor of the local Web site It’s Basingstoke not Boringstoke, and assorted others. It was truly lovely to see every single one of our visitors, and gratifying to hear their overwhelmingly positive responses to the exhibition.
I am looking forward to reading their comments in the Visitor’s Book.

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